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OCS shareholders

In November 2021, OCS welcomed investments from two prominent shareholders. This strategic partnership is set to propel OCS’s expansion across the continent, fortify our facilities management services, and hasten our shift towards a robust ESG policy.

OCS Shareholders

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Adenia Partners is a private market investment firm that is committed to responsible investing and sustainable development in Africa.

Founded in 2002 by a team of experienced entrepreneurs, Adenia has successfully raised 400 million euros across four investment funds.
Adenia boasts one of the most qualified investment teams on the African markets in terms of education and experience, as well as in-depth knowledge of local contexts.
Adenia invests in companies with high development potential.
By supporting entrepreneurs and management teams, Adenia strengthens companies that, like OCS, actively contribute to the growth of the African economy.


For 45 years, Proparco has been dedicated to promoting sustainable economic, social, and environmental progress.

Active in regions such as Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East, Proparco assists in financing and strengthening businesses and financial institutions.

Their primary sectors of focus include agribusiness, financial institutions, renewable energies, health, and education.

Proparco’s initiatives aim to enhance the private sector’s contribution towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). They support businesses that generate employment, provide essential services, and address climate change challenges.

OCS Senior Leadership

The senior management team at OCS is deeply committed to the group’s management and growth, holding personal stakes as shareholders.