Our social and
environmental commitments


The group is committed to fostering companies that yield long-term profitability.

Our subsidiary establishments are designed to invigorate economies, spearhead innovation, open new employment avenues, and stimulate enduring growth in our operational regions.

We emphasize a culture of social and environmental responsibility across all subsidiaries. By mobilizing the collective efforts of our workforce, we ensure these values are deeply embedded and sustained throughout our companies.

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OCS prioritizes local development by sourcing exclusively from local suppliers.

OCS is committed to sustainable food practices, offering nutritious meals to essential public institutions like schools, universities, and hospitals.

OCS is also dedicated to expanding catering services into areas that are currently underserved.


Proximity commitments

In every region OCS operates, our dedication to community engagement is unwavering.

OCS is pivotal in fostering economic and social growth by offering employment opportunities and comprehensive training programs. We prioritize the welfare of our workforce, ensuring their rights are upheld. A tailored HR mentorship initiative complements our emphasis on internal promotions.

Our collaboration extends to public entities and NGOs, reinforcing our commitment to societal endeavors.

Ansamble Morocco’s recognition with the VIGEO 26,000 label is a testament to our advanced CSR maturity. The “Probable” rating underscores OCS’s steadfast dedication to corporate social responsibility.

Furthermore, OCS is on the path to securing the CGEM CSR label, amplifying our commitment across four critical CSR pillars: Education, Health Precariousness, and Environment.

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