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We deliver specialized contract catering services to diverse corporate entities and institutions, spanning sectors from industrial and tertiary to educational, healthcare, correctional facilities, and remote locations. Additionally, our expertise extends to facility management and childcare solutions.

Contract catering

OCS, a frontrunner in contract catering, has cultivated a vast clientele by fostering strong ties with local authorities and communities. Daily, we serve 260,000 guests with delectable and nutritious meals via our subsidiaries: Ansamble Morocco, Proxirest, Ansamble Senegal, and Ansamble Ivory Coast.

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Industrial cleaning

Alizés, a prominent cleaning company based in Dakar, joined the group in 2017.

With a legacy spanning over 25 years and a dedicated team of 700 professionals, Alizés collaborates with businesses, international entities, and hospitals, ensuring impeccable cleanliness of their facilities.

Travel Retail

A subsidiary of Ansamble, Travel Retail specializes in commercial catering. Its core mission is to oversee a curated portfolio of international and local catering brands, notably La Croissanterie and Venizia ICE & Bakery.

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In-house and inter-company daycare

À Deux Pas, our dedicated subsidiary, excels in establishing and overseeing corporate daycare centers. The essence of “À Deux Pas” lies in offering convenient childcare solutions adjacent to workplaces, simplifying the daily routines of young parents.