OCS group

There's a saying: "When you act out of love, you don't count the cost." This passion has been our guiding light, driving us to deliver unparalleled catering services daily. As time has passed, we've grown and evolved, all thanks to our loyal partners and clients.

With their continued support, we believe the best is yet to come.


Founding of OCS (Overseas Catering & Services)

The Ansamble Group’s founders, René Lancien, a distinguished caterer in France, and François Bonnot, a trailblazer in contract catering, merged their expertise to venture into international markets, leading to the inception of OCS.


Ansamble in Africa and Eastern Europe

OCS made its mark in Morocco’s contract catering sector by securing a pivotal contract with the Royal Moroccan Football Federation.



Ansamble is growing

OCS continues its development under the Ansamble license.

This marks the beginning of new establishments in Africa, the Middle East, Senegal, Mauritania, Turkey, Ivory Coast, and the United Arab Emirates. With the simultaneous launch of the base life management activity, specialized in catering and associated services in the defense, mining, oil, gas, and construction sectors.

Also in 2015,

OCS creates its Travel Retail subsidiary dedicated to commercial catering in train stations and highways by piloting the La Brioche Dorée, Venezia Ice and La Croissanterie franchise in Morocco and the Ivory Coast.

And A Deux Pas, specialised in the management of corporate childcare centers, was created.

Acquisition of Alizés

In 2017, Alizés, the number one cleaning company, joined the group, strengthening its presence in Senegal with 700 employees and 180 clients.
This marked the expansion into new areas of expertise in facilities management, primarily including industrial cleaning, maintenance of green spaces, bio-cleaning, and upkeep of installations.



Refocusing Activities on Africa

Strengthening of Moroccan, Senegalese, and Ivorian subsidiaries.

Proxirest acquisition

OCS acquires Proxirest, the fourth largest player in collective catering in Morocco.

Adenia Partners and Proparco

Adenia Partners and Proparco acquire a stake in OCS. This acquisition will multiply OCS’s development on the continent and strengthen its multi-service activities, while also accelerating its transition towards a robust ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) policy.

Acquisition of Artis Group

OCS acquires Artis Environnement Group, a major player in facilities management in Morocco.