Collective kitchen

With a leadership position in contract catering, OCS has cultivated a vast clientele through close collaboration with local communities. We serve 260,000 guests daily, consistently delivering flavorful and nutritious meals.

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Contract catering is pivotal in elevating workplace conditions and boosting organizational efficiency.

Our brands, Ansamble and Proxirest, provide tailored catering solutions that align with businesses’ and institutions’ unique needs and work environments. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, we design specific catering packages for each client, aiming to nourish, delight, and streamline the daily lives of their teams.

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Collective catering has been the brand’s core business for over 40 years. It guarantees the same high level of QHSE requirements wherever it is deployed.

Proxirest is a leading contract caterer in Morocco, known for its adaptability in a competitive market. We’re here to support and manage your catering needs.